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Meaning of Roses

Words or pictures have never fully encompassed the sheer beauty and grandeur of the red rose. The red rose is undeniably the most beautiful among all the roses, full blooded and rich. The incredibly beautiful Cleopatra used the red rose to carpet her bedroom when she received Antony. All roses convey warmth, affection and love in varying degrees. But the red rose, being the queen of roses, is the most popular and beloved of all.

The most obvious and well known meaning of the red rose is deep love and affection. In the 18th century, a special rose language evolved as a means of communication between lovers who were forced by society to keep their feelings a secret. And the red rose came to symbolize true love that would stand the test of time. Staunch promising affection that is forever riding high is what the red rose means. The red rose denotes a true love that is stronger than thorns and can outlive all obstacles.

Desire is another facet of the red rose. The red rose expresses the throbbing heat of new love, a passionate expression of attraction. Red is the color of consummation, of raging desires and craving passion. The meaning of the red rose then is quite apparent from its color itself. Red rose speaks of love that awaits a passionate expression.

Red roses are the most popular valentine roses, which is why their prices shoot up during February. The red rose, especially, a single red rose simply expresses, "I love you very deeply". Bright red roses are interpreted as the ultimate expression of romantic and abiding love. Their bright red shade expresses these emotions perfectly.

A deep burgundy shade in a rose has a different meaning altogether. The deep red rose conveys unconscious and guileless beauty. The burgundy shade depicts a beauty that is unadorned and uncontrived. Another meaning of the red rose is respect and deep admiration.

In addition to beauty and passion, red roses also symbolize courage. The red rose is also a symbol of power, as represented in the War of the Roses. Red roses seek to congratulate a job well done, and to express respect and appreciation. The red rose celebrates the creative spirit of love.

A red rosebud also has its own meaning. Youthful love, innocent and fresh is what the bud stands for. The attractive and unopened rosebud celebrates unpretentious and honest beauty. Purity and loveliness are what the red rosebud stands for.

A withered red rose has a negative nuance. It speaks of a beauty past its prime, a passion that has lost its warmth, and a love that is quickly dying off. A dark crimson rose that almost borders on black is indicative of mourning and sadness.

Red roses also have a different kind of meaning within marriage. Red roses express domestic bliss that is at once passionate as well as abiding. A love that is growing in strength, away from monotony and still fresh is what the red rose portrays.

Just as there are many shades of love, so also the red rose has many shades. And the meaning of each shade varies. Poets have immortalized red roses as the flower of romantic, passionate love. But innocence, courage, heroism are some of the various meanings of the red rose.

Ah! The beautiful rose - enthralling and bewitching in its simple elegance. Every rose has its own personal message to convey, hidden in its color and its size. Not every rose for every person, or for every occasion. It would be nice to ensure that you are communicating the right message to that special person. What then could be the meaning of white roses?

The meaning of shimmering white roses is not very hard to decipher if you go by their appearance. The color white has always been synonymous with purity and virtue. And so, sincerity, purity, and chastity are some of the obvious meanings of a white rose. When you need to convince that your affections are straight from the heart and are as pure as virgin snow, use a white rose. But there are more hidden meanings in a white rose than meets the eye.

White has ever been a symbol of innocence, of a world unspoiled and untarnished. The meaning of a bunch of glowing white roses is innocence and spiritual love. The white rose glorifies a love that is unaware of the temptations of the flesh and resides only in the soul. As opposed to the red rose that speaks of passionate promises, the meaning of a white rose is in its simplicity and pristine purity.

Sometimes called "the flower of light", one of the meanings of white roses is everlasting love - love stronger than death, an eternal love, undying and all sustaining. White rose speaks of a love that is sustained more by loyalty, reverence and humility than by red-blooded passion. So, in its capacity to worship someone till death, the meaning of a white rose is unchanging loyalty that endures beyond all else.

The white bouquet has been a tradition since Queen Victoria’s wedding in l840. It was in this romantic era that gentlemen started sending flowers to their lady friends to denote special meanings. The white rose is the queen of the bridal bouquet. Here, the meaning of a white rose is something different altogether. A virgin carrying the white roses seeks to assure her loved one of her purity and innocence. Untarnished and untainted - the white rose is the bride on her wedding day. In the "language of the flowers" the meaning of white roses is "I am worthy of you". The meaning of the white rose will not be lost on a groom when he sees his bride's eyes filled with unchanging love and loyalty, a promise to stand by him through all.

A white rosebud seeks to convey a different shade of meaning. It speaks of youthful ignorance, and innocence. "I am too young to be loved", the white rosebud proudly proclaims to the world. Girlhood, immature in the ways of the world, an age that is as pure and fresh as spring is what the white rosebud denotes. Beauty, youth and a heart innocent of love are some of the meanings of a white rose bud.

The meaning of white roses is not only in their full blooms. A withered or fading white rose is also clamoring to be heard. Fleeting beauty or “you made no impression” - as cruel as that may sound. When you need to keep away from the ardent sighs of an unwelcome admirer, perhaps it is wise to present a bunch of fading white roses.

The most famous meanings of the white rose arise from mythology. Many of these surround Aphrodite (Venus) as Goddess of love. She sprang forth into life from the foaming sea, and where the foam fell to the ground, white roses grew. This and later myths about Aphrodite display the dual nature of love: purity and innocence represented by white roses; desire and sexual gratification by red ones. In one story she runs to help her wounded lover Adonis and catches her flesh on the thorns of the white rose bush. Her blood falling on the bush turns the roses red, symbolizing the way innocence and purity change to experience and motherhood.

So, the next time you buy some white roses for a loved one, look deep and long, lest they should signify something more or less than what you wish. The multifarious meanings of white roses are as beautiful and as lovely as the enchanting flower itself.

Roses have bewitched mankind since the beginning of time. Lustrous beauty and sweet fragrance coupled with the fact that each rose has a particular meaning makes them one of the most attractive among flowers. Yellow roses in their unassuming charm and sweet simplicity send out an equally alluring message.

Freedom and abandon are the foremost meanings of a yellow rose. Unrestrained and uninhibited as the breeze, free from attachments, the yellow rose definitely says that the sender is keen on friendship alone. Here, you will not find the heat of passion, only the warmth of a genuine and sincere smile. The sender of yellow roses delicately indicates that while his affection is straight from the heart, there are no hidden depths.

Unbridled joy is another meaning of a yellow rose. Therefore, yellow roses are often congratulatory in tone. Yellow roses are given to celebrate new beginnings. These delicate flowers proudly laud an accomplishment, a consummation or a fulfillment. You simply cannot do without yellow roses when you send flowers to express joy and pride in another's achievement.

The color yellow was interpreted as a " pale" color during the early Victorian period. They had shades of negative meanings ranging from lukewarm affection to jealousy. They indicated a frame of mind that was on the one hand lacking in fervor, while on the other mutinous and envious in tone. But, the yellow rose has overcome these negative intonations and now mean "warm and sunny" affection, joy and pleasure.

Another truly wonderful meaning of a yellow rose is that it indicates a determination to start anew, to begin afresh. A rift, a misunderstanding, or a quarrel that needs to be mended - these are all set right by yellow roses. "Let's put it all behind us and start a fresh page", the yellow rose humbly tries to persuade. Yellow roses are conciliatory and appeasing in their symbolism.

Yellow roses are sometimes tinged with sorrow. The yellow rose bids adieu and says farewell. The impending departure is reason enough for a little distress, but there is also joy that newer prospects may usher in. Yellow roses speak well as messengers of good luck, and leave-taking.

Human nature being what it is, there is nothing in this world that is free from a little negative nuance. The yellow rose sometimes symbolizes infidelity in love. A waning of passion, a "bloodless" love that no longer throbs with pleasure is what a yellow rose seeks to convey between lovers. Yellow rose is a word of caution if things are not going well in a relationship.

The yellow rose within marriage implies sweet domesticity and familiar love. Contentment, everlasting joy and a sense of snugness are what the yellow roses convey here. A love that has matured with age and no longer seeks to achieve impossible heights, a relationship secure in the knowledge of its strengths - the yellow rose stands for steadfast affection.

All roses seek to convey varying textures and shades of affection. The wealth of meaning in a yellow rose lies in its delicate shade of golden yellow, a color of richness, warmth and joy.

If you have been unfortunate enough to give a black rose to the love of your life, and had it thrown back on your face, it's pretty obvious that you do not have the slightest clue about the "language of flowers". And your beloved most definitely does! Every different shade of the rose seeks to convey a totally different meaning. Read on and discover the meaning of bright orange roses.

Brilliant orange roses are a delight to behold. Simply beautiful and so charming, these roses convey many tones of affection and love. One meaning of the orange rose is fascination. When you are totally besotted and completely bewitched by somebody, send them an orange rose.

Orange roses carry a tinge of the burning flame in its bosom, and are therefore indicative of the all consuming fire of passion and desire. The beauty and brilliance of the orange rose is simply breath taking. And the Victorians have cleverly used this flame color to indicate the burning heat of passion. The shocking orange color seeks to express an equally intense desire for the loved one. If you have ever wondered how to express your desire without being crude, use the beautiful orange rose.

Enthusiasm and unlimited energy are some other meanings of the orange rose. Again, the symbolism is strengthened by the brilliant hue of the burning flames seen in the orange rose. When new ventures begin, the beginning of a journey - the orange rose celebrates all new beginnings.

The orange rose also indicates pride. When you are honored to be associated with someone, and believe that a person deserves to be lauded, then give him or her some orange roses. "I am so proud of you", the orange rose says.

The orange rose, as brilliant as the blazing evening sky, seeks to convey some equally powerful emotions. Though an open declaration of desire is the most obvious symbolism associated with the orange rose, enthusiasm, pride, best wishes are also some other meanings of the orange rose.

The rose, as the archetypal flower has endured in its beauty and significance for hundreds of years. What is it about a rose, irrespective of color and size that makes it so special, so touching? In addition to its beauty, the rose is perhaps the only flower that has so many diverse meanings. The meaning of a pink rose is as beautiful and as graceful as the delicate blossom.

Pink is not just for girls, and it is not just a pretty color. Pink roses have deep significance when it comes to affections given and received. The most widely accepted interpretation of pink roses is grace and gentility. An admiration for beauty, refinement and enduring grace is what the pink rose connotes. The receiver of the pink rose can rest assured that he or she is admired for possessing a certain respectability and decorum not commonly found in others.

The meaning of pink roses, as expressed by their lovely color is happiness and joy. Being themselves a joy to behold, pink roses express fun and happiness. The pink rose denotes that the receiver is a pleasure to behold, a pleasure to have in company. Thus, it is an indication of deep joy. They indicate happiness or pride, a heart-felt appreciation.

The pink rose, because of its happy connotation is very popular in bouquets that decorate the bridal bower. Symbolic of joy, pride and deep affection, they make wonderful tokens while celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or significant achievements. Its visual appeal and delicate appearance gives off a sense of harmony and warmth. Like the becoming blush on a bride's face, the pink rose expresses happiness and enthusiasm.

Where there are no overtones of love, pink rose seeks to communicate gratitude - a very beautiful and touching way to say a simple "Thank you"! The pink rose when used to express gratitude, appreciation and recognition is a source of joy and delight.

The pink rose, though beautiful to behold and wonderful to receive also has its share of unfavorable overtones. This negative meaning of the pink rose found it's beginning in the ancient Roman Mythology. Apollo turned Rhoanthe into a pink rose when she unfairly tried to become the protectress of women. In this scheme of events, pink roses depict pain, long standing suffering and death.

But the pink rose is generally looked upon as the flower of sweet thoughts and gentle emotions. It indicates an affection that may turn into deeper love. Innocent love that has not yet blossomed into passion, a deep affection that has not yet reached its pinnacle is what the pink rose expresses.

Pink roses please all our senses. They look beautiful, smell great and have a depth of meaning in their gentle blooms. The next time you need to express joy, affection, pride, gratitude, a gentle romance or even good luck, use a pink rose. This glorious flower in its beauty and delicate shade expresses innocence, and a simple joy in that innocence. As opposed to red roses that speak of deep passion, the pink roses are a gentle reminder of affections not yet awakened, the gentle beginning of a wonderful relationship.

Rose is a flower that has been subjected to multifarious interpretations and innovations. New colors have been developed by man to express yet another emotion. The purple rose is one such innovation. This particular color has various levels of meanings, and has always been a favorite among rose lovers.

Purple roses primarily stand for enchantment. The giver of the purple rose seeks to convey that he or she has fallen in love with the recipient at the very first sight. A deep magnetism and charm that makes the recipient almost irresistible is what the purple rose seeks to convey. The very first meeting has totally enticed the sender of these flowers, who simply cannot resist the object of his desire.

Though purple speaks of enchantment, the meaning of the purple rose nowhere suggests permanence. The enchantment can be transcendental and can also be fleeting. As the word "enchantment" suggests, the effect is almost magical, and can also die off without much warning.

Significantly, lavender is a color that priests wear during lent. This is a time of discretion. Thus, there is also an undertone of rigorous control, or a need to proceed cautiously and slowly.

The purple rose has certain other meanings. Opulence, glory and majesty are some other interpretations given to the purple rose. Purple being a color of elegance and grandeur, it is only fitting that the rose also pays tribute to these characteristics.

The most widespread meaning of the purple rose is enthrallment, especially at first sight. Because of this, the purple rose is a hot favorite on Valentine's Day. And though there is no indication of permanence in this attraction, there is definitely a deep impression created. So, the next time you are bowled over by someone at first sight and feel totally enthralled, remember to send him or her a few purple roses.

The Victorian Era saw the beginning of the "flower language". Flowers afforded an outlet to communicate many sentiments that the straight-laced society considered improper. Hence, man has ever been fascinated with roses that were the most popular flowers used to convey emotions. But, black roses have always been in the background. There are no jet-black roses. Most people consider deep red roses to be black, for instance, the Rose 'Black Magic'.

The color black has always been synonymous with death and mourning. It is thus the color of sadness and farewell. So, many people consider black roses to symbolize bereavement, loss and mortality. Since black represents death, many interpret the black rose to mean vengeance that may lead to the death of a foe. The negative connotations here are far reaching, and make the black rose the least sought after among roses.

But, a more positive meaning does exist for the black rose. It is true that black is the color of death. But death does not always cause mourning. It can also be the beginning of new things, a journey into unexplored territory. The black rose, because it symbolizes death and passing away, also indicates a major change or upheaval in the future.

In that sense, the black rose also means the death of old habits and the old order. It inspires confidence and enthusiasm by signaling the birth of a new era of hope and joy.

This flower, tragic in its dark beauty is not always symbolic of unhappiness. The Irish have used the lyrics of "the Little Black rose" during their ongoing battle with the British. Similarly, many anarchist and antiauthoritarian groups have also adopted the black rose as a symbol of mutiny and strength. Therefore, the meaning of the black rose also includes courage and resistance.

But, the meaning of black roses is not very definite. And among lovers or friends, it is better to keep away from the black rose. The black rose does not have too many warm or positive nuances, and though it has been always admired for its beauty, it is seldom used to express affection.

The rose is an absolutely amazing flower. Whatever its color the flower itself is a vision of absolute fragility and delicate grace. The rose is also an extraordinary flower in that it has so many shades, some natural, and some man made. But each shade has a meaning of its own. Have you ever wondered what the meaning of blue roses could be?

The blue rose does not occur in nature, at least not the absolute blue rose. Blue roses were at first created by dyeing white roses. Some people mistake lavender roses for blue ones. So, the closest we can get to blue roses are the lilac to almost black category. Roses lack the pigment that produces blue color. The blue rose has been painstakingly created and imbued with a special meaning.

Much like its mysterious origin, the blue rose means mystery. An appreciation for the enigmatic, the inexplicable is expressed by the blue rose. A tantalizing vision that cannot be totally pinned down, a mystery that cannot be fully unraveled is the blue rose. A person who receives the blue rose is the subject of much speculation and thought. A complex personality that does not allow easy interpretation is what the blue rose indicates.

Another meaning of the blue rose is that it symbolizes the impossible, or the unattainable. Since the blue rose itself is a rarity in nature, it stands for something that is hardly within one's grasp, an object that seems too difficult to be achieved. Thus the blue rose is admired and revered as an unrealizable dream.

The blue rose being in itself something very extraordinary expresses that very same feeling. "You are extraordinarily wonderful", the blue rose exclaims. A truly wonderful personality, almost chimera-like is what the blue rose says about the receiver. A flight of fancy, an irrepressible imagination is what the blue rose is all about.

Blue and its deeper shade purple have for long symbolized mystery and ambiguity. Again, the fact that the blue rose is a flower that has been fabricated increases this sense of surrealism. The meaning of the blue rose in this sense is an appreciation for something that cannot be grasped in full measure.

The lighter shade of the blue rose, which is almost akin to lilac, expresses the first flush of love. Enchantment, a feeling of being completely bowled over in the very first instance is another delightful meaning of the blue rose. Lavender and lilac have both been associated with romance since time immemorial.

The blue rose is also used as a symbol of caution. It expresses a need to be discrete. Again, there is a whiff of secrecy and mystery as expressed by the blue color.

New opportunities and new possibilities are also some other meanings of the blue rose. The blue rose denotes the excitement and the possibilities that new ventures bring. The mysterious beginnings of new things and the excitement therein are very nicely expressed by this flower.

The blue rose is a flower that seeks to convey a message of mystery, enchantment and a sense of the impossible. One should never forget that as a flower that is not found freely in nature, the blue rose has a certain charm and unique mystery that does not reveal itself freely.

Meaning: calm, fertility, fruitfulness,and luck

The green rose, though fairly rare, is a beautiful sight. It's existence dates back to the mid-1800's and it's symbolism is deeply rooted in nature. The most popular meaning of the green rose is that of fertility, because the color green itself symbolizes nature, life, and abundant growth. During the 15th century, green was even the preferred color for wedding gowns. In popular culture, the color green is often considered an aphrodisiac and is used to send a sexual message.

The green rose also represents a sense of calm and tranquility as psychologists believe that green brings about a sense of balance, stability and peace to the mind.

The color green itself also symbolizes richness, abundance, and bounty. The flip side is that green is also the color of jealousy and envy, enhanced by the fact that the dollar is green.

The green rose also symbolizes luck.